LED applications are many and come into possibilities of best light quality sources. LEDs provide energy saving solutions into many applications such as Retail, Office, Residential, Hotels, and Outdoor etc.

LED in Retail

Shopping is the most common routine people go out for with different mood and always a reason to interact socially and many times a necessity. LED lighting technology with its color rendering and dimming facilities reflect the moods of the visitors. LED lighting highlight the product visibility and also add value in saving energy.

LED in Office

Today’s offices and lifestyle of the people are changing frequently. LED lighting offers freedom to design new shapes, colors and unique light direction suiting the applied office themes as well nature of work which can add more value to the comfort of the staff working inside the building. LED offers great money saving value as well saving light energy for the future progress and developments.

LED in Outdoor
LEDs are very small in size when compared to the conventional lighting technology and can easily be shaped and redesigned helping the designers with great support in innovating new designs suiting the environment such as climate, Festivals, holidays celebrations etc.

LED in Hospitality
The Hospitality industry is one of the sectors with the largest energy savings potential. Today, LED technology holds tremendous potential to conserve energy on a global scale. LED lamps set new standards in watts consumed per square meter, especially combined with lighting controls enhancing life and ambience in your hotel or restaurant with the power of light. 

LED in Healthcare
People feel anxious, and many times not at ease. This could make examination processes more difficult and time consuming. LED lighting can create more colorful and soft ambiences that makes the environment seem less clinical and more human, which is beneficial for both how people feel and for the quality and speed of the diagnosis process. In addition to this, LED lighting offers a significant energy saving potential, especially for corridors and general spaces in the hospital.

LED in Industries
Industries operates 24/7 operations surely consume an equally huge amount of energy for lighting. And the super high ceilings make maintenance or lamp replacement very costly as well – especially, if the processes need to stop for the maintenance. LED solutions are designed to significantly reduce the energy consumption without compromising the light level and greatly extend the lifetime, eliminating frequent lamp replacement.